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1 Professional Teachers and 3 Community Tutors are teaching Bengali.
rjcorraya  Community Tutor  

  • Bangladesh
  • Teaches Bengali, English
  • Sessions: 39

Languages: Bengali, English, Japanese, Hindi

I am very very confident in making others learn what they want to learn. I try to be as funny as possible so making me angry would be harder than learning a new language! Looking forward to helping you...^_^
  • Beginners

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Hourly Rate
60 ITC
≈ 6.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
20 ITC
Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed  Professional Teacher  

  • United Kingdom
  • Teaches English, Bengali
  • Sessions: 63

Languages: English, Bengali, Urdu

I'm looking to meet people who can teach me fusha Arabic so I can understand the Quran when I read it. I am also looking to improve my Urdu.

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Hourly Rate
100 - 115 ITC
≈ 10.0 - 11.5 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed  Community Tutor  

  • Bangladesh
  • Teaches Bengali, Arabic, English
  • Sessions: 11

Languages: Bengali, Arabic, English

I have been teaching online English since 2012. I am expert in English. My motive is to Teach The Arabs English

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Hourly Rate
40 - 50 ITC
≈ 4.0 - 5.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
10 ITC