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In this picture we see a teacher and Student stand front of the black board . Teacher taught her student . In this black board , there are many pice of paper attached on the board. Student : What is this teacher? Teacher: This is chat board , we use this chart board described anything and Student can understand easily. Okay , Students today we we learn future perfect tense. Do you have any ideas ? Student. Student : No, teacher! Teacher: okay , I will tell you . The formation of future perfect tense. Subject+ has/ have + past participle of verb. Let's practice : make sentence Use these verb: Write, play, watch, listen, drawing, Rain, talk. 1. You have written a story. 2. Your friend have played chase game at night. 3. Your neighborhood watched movies in the evening. 4. I have listened Pop songs. 5. A student has drawing a picture. 6. It's has rained whole night here. 7. We have talked about our class. Do you understand what we learned today ? Student : yes, teacher. My teacher give me task . Actually I don't have ideas how can I solve this problems!!! I just try if you have any ideas you can help me Thanks
Jun 22, 2021 1:12 PM