Ilia Pim
Politics/politic/policy/policies? When do we use each? What to choose? I don’t like our government’s policy/policies/politic/politics. They don’t care about people. The country Z started policy/policies/politic/politics of democratization and provision of appropriate conditions to the poor and needy people. I’m not interested in any politics/policies. Let’s talk about anything else. If you have any other examples of use these words, please write them here.
Nov 26, 2022 9:40 PM
Answers · 3
Hi Ilia. "Politics" is plural and usually refers to the general topic of governmental decision-making, elections, etc... It is most frequently used in the plural form and is generally a vague term (could mean any or all of the aspects of law-making, elections, etc.). "The young man ran for office, beginning his career in politics." The term "politic" is rarely used, and (to my knowledge) only as an adjective ("The body politic was known to be corrupt in that country.). Policy (singular) and policies (plural) refer to specific documents or agreements in political or non-political arenas. A presidential administration may implement a new policy regarding immigration (that everyone is supposed to follow). A hospital may have a policy on how doctors are supposed to handle specific types of clinical cases (e.g., how they will manage strokes in the emergency department). "President Biden initiated a new policy on water quality". "The hospital implemented several new policies to improve the consistency of patient care." I hope this helps. (Additionally: Politicians are individuals elected to office. A person may be considered "political" if they express strong opinions about politics). To "politicize" (verb) a situation is to initiate debate or partisan activities in response to an event (e.g., arguments on how best to respond to a natural disaster).
November 26, 2022
Another example: "It is against iTalki policy to discuss politics in the forum!" (But this case is just fine!)
November 26, 2022
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