I didn't book a parking space in my community. Every time I enter or go out of my community, the entrance guard always asks me for parking fees. Each time the entrance guard wants to charge me, I have to take a lot of time to negotiate with them. It is a lot of trouble to do this every time I enter or go out of my community, so I bought an open parking space.
Feb 25, 2021 3:25 AM
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For a number of reasons, when I first moved into my community, I didn't reserve a parking space. As a result, every time I left and then returned, the guard at the entrance always asked me to pay the parking fees, and each time I had to waste a lot of my time and energy negotiating with him/her about it. As you can imagine, it became a big hassle for me to do this every single time that I had to leave, so finally, I recently gave up and bought a parking space for my car. I think everyone is happier now!
Hi Jack. Good job! This is an interesting and amusing story—now, after my edits. (*-^) It is short and sweet, and there is not much, if any, repetition. Nor is the reader left with any nagging questions, as I was, after reading your original post (Why didn’t you want to pay?) In English, we often do use a noun (entrance) as an adjective (entrance guard), but only in accepted and well-known ways (which this combination is not). It is not “wrong” in and of itself, and I understand why you did it, but it is just not standard usage. Unfortunately, things such as this can only be learned through trial and error, which I realize is frustrating, but you'll get there eventually! Also, logically, where else would a guard be? At the entrance or at the exit, no? Again, let the definition of the word, the concept behind it, speak to the reader for you. As always, I hope that this helps you.
February 26, 2021
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