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Need help for correction. Thank you advanced. Our time is fixed so I can 24 ×7 hours a day and you too. So, what is different between a successful person and me , what is their habits and routine and is these are different from me or not? Whey can't succeed why others are success. Daily routine Get up : get up in the early morning then you can get much time for doing work and you can enjoy your early morning , get fresh air by see beauty sun rise , listen bird song. Get prepared your kids: if you are house hold or house wife you need to make food and need to serve your family and kids after need prepared your kids for school or college. Washing clothes and hang on the clothes on the sun. Need cleaning the room, clean the dishes after eating , need watching news and catch up friends, need to go for mall to buy something. If you are Students: you need do homework , take bath and take breakfast , get dressed up and prepared for school or college, If you are working in office , school or college or other administrative place they you have lost of work . Suppose need to prepare office , bring your kids in school or college by bus or car , try to reach on time in office , need manage your meeting or project what ever your duty may be needed attend the seminar or other officials job , need talk to your colleagues. Full fill your job. After need to back your home and spend with your family time.
Jun 12, 2021 2:37 PM
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I need help with corrections. Thank you in advance. Our time is fixed so I can view this 24 ×7 and so can you. So, what is the difference between a successful person and myself? What are their habits and what are their routines? Are they different from mine or are they the same. (Or: are they not) Why can some succeed while others cannot? Daily routine: Get up get up early in the morning. Then, you can enjoy the morning and have plenty of time for work. morning. Get fresh air by watching the beautiful sunrise and listen to the birds singing. Get your children ready. If you are housekeeper (househusband?) or housewife, you need to make food and feed your family. (Family includes kids/children). After breakfast, prepare your children (kids is a very colloquial word, children is better for written word) for school or college. Also, you must wash clothes and hang them out in the sun. House cleaning, cleaning the dishes after eating, watching thennews and catching up with friends, and going to the mall to shop. If you are a Student you need do homework , bathe, eat breakfast, get dressed, and prepare for school or college. If you are working in an office, school, college or other administrative place, then you have a lot of work. Yo will need to prepare for the office, get your kids to school or college by bus or car, try to arrive at the office on time, manage your meeting, project or whatever your duty may be, attend seminars or other official business, and talk to your colleagues as necessary. You must fullfill your job requirements. After work, you musr return home and spend quality time with your family.
June 12, 2021
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