What is the most annoying thing when you are driving a car? For me, I hate to receive phone calls when I am driving. If you answer the call, you have to stop the car first. If you decide not to answer the call, you will be afraid that someone may have an emergency, so it's really annoying when you receive a phone call while driving a car. Another annoying thing is that you drive at night. Although car lights are very bright at night, driving is not as convenient as it is during the daytime. You have to be very careful when driving a car at night, and you easily get tired. The third annoying thing is that you drive on rainy days. Although it's daytime and the windscreen wipers work efficiently, driving during rainy days you will get bad sight, and also, the roads are so slippery that it's easy to get accidents. Ok, that is all the annoying things when people are driving a car so far I can consider.
Mar 1, 2021 11:06 AM