Aneta Němcová
The Olympic games I love watching the Olympics. Even though I prefer summer Olympics to winter Olympics, I enjoy watching hockey, biathlon, figure skating or snowboarding. I enjoy even watching curling, even though this sport is not very active. When it comes to summer Olympics, I love watching athletics, judo, canoeing, swimming, shooting, tennis and boxing. Also dressage is sometimes nice to see. There is a big disadvantage for me, if any Olympics takes place in any Asian country - the time shift. Many popular sports are broadcasted at 3 or 4 a.m. which is impossible for me to get up, let alone because of watching TV. Beside it, the Czech Republic is a small country, therefore number of sportspeople is limited let alone the number of those who worth you waking up at such an early hours. It does not mean we do not have any successful sportspeople though. The Czech Republic is successful in canoeing, our canoeists often win medal. Czech tennis players are successful too, when it comes to women tennis. They do well not only during the Olympics, but also WTA tournaments. We also have a very successful judist Lukas Krpalek, who is two-time Olympic champion. Also our speed skater Martina Sablikova is still quite successful, but few years ago she won almost all 3 and 5 km speed skating races, so people blame her for forth place this year. Must be said that she is thirty-four years old, so her "best age" when it comes to professional sport is over. Ester Ledecká must be mentioned as well. She won two gold medals at one Olympics, in snowboarding and in skiing, back in 2018.
Feb 7, 2022 11:06 PM