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"Please correct my topic Thanks ""Why I'm not good in English""' I remember that I started "A B C" when I was class "v". Because it was compulsory subject from class " V" and second language. I always fear about English because it was new for me and I don't have knowledge more about it. So, I always try to avoid it. Even teacher never take care me , because I am not a good student. Teacher take care theme those who are good Students. Teacher did homework each student's if they didn't do properly and next day shows the teacher , then teacher punishment us, that why I avoiding English class even I was absent in English class not only me many students too. The punishment was holding both ear by hand and make a line and go walking whole and back front of the class , then wait until bell rang the class. So, we wait font of the class until bell was rang . Some of students enjoying the moment interested of joint the class. Still class 9th I just qualified . But in class ten was board exam that why needed minimum masks. Then I try to hard working for qualified but I don't understand what I was studying. Even in exam hall I don't know what I was written. After published results I just qualified but results was not good for me. When I was class eleventh I try to learn English better because I got two good English teacher I learn many things. But I always fear about English. And I qualified in minimum masks in class eleventh and twelfth. I thought that I don't need learn English in college, but I puzzle when I saw in college English is compulsory. Here I get 50% mark's. But I realized and face not only academy in our general life English is most important, like fill up form for the job application, write down a application . Getting job interview and talk to foreign people. Even to get job in foreign countries. Thanks
Jun 21, 2021 1:24 AM