Pavithra Arul
I am went three months of pre-service teacher training in my native school.I am only qualified to practice 6-10 std .In this school 12th standard students not have teacher for one of the subject.When my age is 20. The students age is 17 .Its was coed school. I had little bit fear they are respecting my words or not.I takes the responsibilities.Even I am not imagine I am going to teach them.I am going school for practice but I was roles as a teacher. I have lots of work to do.I practicing more to stand infront of them physically and mentally.I am read 3hours for my 1hour class😂.The students respecting and treat me like other staff members, who knows about me (I am comes here only to practice).But they are waiting for my class.Daily I am giving my best. They are really likes my teaching and it makes the students respecting me more than real staffs.It makes them jealous eventually my practing time also done.Last day of my class ,I give some advices to them and I says good bye.I am crying inside but I am not shows to them. Later I felt lonely and I really miss them.After a week I had lot of pain in my heart.I am crazy.I stuck in my past.I am always thinking.I can't able to met or speak with them except school.I asked God why I am done this job and get misery. Then my parents helps me to comes over that embarrassing situation.Then I will be back my same attitude.But now it is one of my good memory of my heart.☺️
Jun 22, 2021 12:37 PM
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I did three months of pre-service teacher training in my native school. I am only qualified to practice 6-10 std. At the school the12th standard students didn't have a teacher for one of the subjects. When my age was 20 and the student groups age was 17 .It was a coed school, I had little bit of fear whether they would respect my words or not. Although I take my responsibilities seriously, even I couldn't imagine that I was going to teach them. I was going to school for practice but suddenly my role was one of a teacher. I had lots of work to do. I practiced a lot to stand in front of them physically and mentally. I had prepared and read for 3 hours for my 1 hour class😂.The students respected me and treated me like any other staff member. Nobody knew about me, that I only went there to practice. But they looked forward to my class and daily I always gave my best. They all really liked my teaching and it appeared that the students showed more respect to me than the real staff. It made them jealous, but now alas, my practicing time has finished. On the last day of my class ,I gave some advice to them and we said our goodbyes. I was crying inside but I didn't show my emotions to them. Later, I felt lonely and I really missed them. After a week I had lot of pain in my heart. I was crazy. I seem stuck in my past as I'm always thinking. I wasn't able to meet or speak with them except in school. I asked God why am I doing this job if it can bring such misery. Then my parents helped me to get over that embarrassing situation. Then I realised, I will be back with my same attitude. But now it is one of my good memories of my heart.☺️
Bless you Pavithra, you are a good soul. God knew you were ready for this experience and it is one that I'm sure you will cherish.
June 22, 2021
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