I can't agree with you more, but one thing in learning a language I want to emphasize the most is to go all out. I often see many English learners in some learning groups or learning apps always writing and speaking in Chinese, which makes me very confused: do they really want to learn English? Maybe they are just for fun, or at least, they are not serious learners. So apart from patience, you have to go all out, taking every minute to study and immerse yourself completely in English. Let me take myself as an example: if no people are surrounded by me, I listen to English and write down what I have heard, as well as reading and speaking. If there are people around me, I write in English and post it in some apps so that native English speakers can correct them. Since I decided to learn English well in September 2019, I have never wasted a minute. As long as I have time, I will do those things I have told the above.
Mar 2, 2021 2:10 AM
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Congratulations to you brother 🎊and thank you for motivation 🙏🙏
March 2, 2021
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