Mohamed Awnallah
Hello Everyone, Now, I am learning English Accent but the problem is it can't be learned from videos or books. all it just needs is PRACTICE so I'm here. I am searching for a language partner so we can make a language exchange I am gonna teach you "Arabic" according to CEFR International Language Standards from an Arabic native speaker who lives in Cairo supported with understandable English communication and links everything to your language which I knew so hard stuff will be easier to you, In turn, I will practice English accent with you, correcting my mistakes, and getting better with it This offer is an opportunity for you as a seeking Arabic speaker in a professional manner as well as me because I want to improve my English accent in a professional manner too, so I wouldn't like to miss that opportunity and I'm sure you too. DM to start the journey together 🌷
Nov 5, 2021 2:25 AM