Hello! I'm from Spain and some years ago I used to use this web in order to improve my french. Actually, I'm studying english because I need a certificate for improve my position in a public exam. I'm going to write something every day ( If I can do it) for practice "the writting" because the exam to obtain the certificate has four parts ( writting, listening, speaking, reading). In general, the reading is very easy for me, however the listening is very very difficult. Do you know some website where I can practis this? Do you know some "tricks" to improve this skill? and about speaking? Could you recommend me how to improve it? To learn " a new" language is as fascinating as difficult, also very important in order to get a god job. What do you think about the "obligation" to learn other languages? In my opinion this is not very fair because there are enough people for whom study something now is very dificult, and even more if it is a language..
Nov 9, 2021 12:12 PM
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You could try listening to Ted talks with subtitles in English
November 9, 2021
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