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I wonder about these words in italian, because (I believe) I know them in spanish and french:


* Spanish: mi amor, mi corazón, mi cielo, mi alma, mi sol (men), mi luna (female), mi bebe, etc.


* French: mon amour, mon cœur, ma pouce, ma belle, mon ange, etc.


* Italian: amore mio, caro mio (men), cara mia (women)...


Please help me to satisfy my curiosity!

Nov 19, 2015 7:22 PM
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In Italian it's different depending on the situation.


1) if you are talking to somebody else about these subjects, then they behave like normal subject and the possessive goes before it:

il mio amore, il mio cuore, il mio cielo, la mia anima, il mio sole, la mia luna, il mio bambino


2) If you are talking to the person/object, then the construction is different and the possessive goes after the word:

amore mio, cuore mio, cielo mio, anima mia, sole mio, luna mia, bambino mio.


However, to answer your question about the love words we use in Italian for our beloved ones, here are some:


amore mio, tesoro mio, cucciolo mio, vita mia, bambino mio, angelo mio, amore della mia vita





November 20, 2015

Italiann: amore mio, cuore mio, anima mia, mio cielo, mio sole, mia luna....:)

November 19, 2015

Grazie Giuseppe! ;) Thank you so much Lucia for clarifying the position of the possessive =)

November 20, 2015