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I was selected to join Democracy Ambassadors Network, due to my contribution in spreading democracy, equality and dialogue in my local society, by organizing workshops, training on citizen journalism and writing in local news papers, gained "Democracy ambassador" title in March 2013.

I'm a member also of Active Citizen project, participating in program workshops that target enhancing dialogue and equality among Egyptian citizens from all backgrounds.

I participate in cultural exchange program in Malaysia as a representative of Nubian culture in a group represented Egyptian cultures, I presented a show about culture and heritage of Nubians, we worked also with school kids to maintain their school, and we had a coexistence experience with locals in a rural village.

I'm a member of Houna aShabab, a group of 22 young cultural activists from southern Mediterranean countries, we have been working together to promote networking among our cultures and cultural practitioners.





Dec 7, 2015 8:53 PM