So what about sorrowful days in 2015?Just restart from scratch.

Year 2015 is so hard to go through for me,especially among November and December.In this bloody cold and humid winter,I took so many exams (BEC higher,Advanced Interpreting,Driving,etc.),making me extremely exhausted.

In fact,I gave up a lot to prepare for them.And It is all because I wanna be better for my future after my graduation in 2016.But I found it's not the life I chased after in my heart and felt desperate particulaly when my delibrate efforts didn't pay back---My BEC higher results(B2) and failed both in the oral part of Interpreting and the second part of driving.

In China,we are always told that Bitterness first and Sweetness later,encouraging me all along the way.But I gradually realized that I can also choose to be happy-go-lucky.Just enjoy the present life.Although I failed so many times this year,I can have another try next time,even next next time.It occured to me that someone said:Don't prepare merely in order to prepare for the exams,but when you feel fully prepared and then you take the exams.Nothing compares to the happiness and health.Now I determine to prepare for everything from scratch.

Here,I really wanna express my gratitude to my friends who helped me a lot in italki.This is a gorgeous stage.Even though sometimes I could not abide by the plans due to the different time zones and unexpected things,some friends are still very considerate and never angry at me.Really appreciated about that.

And I sincerely hope you guys can be also very lucky to seek your good partners.Never give up looking for your ideal partners.



Dec 14, 2015 12:07 PM
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Everything will be better,Robert.

December 15, 2015