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A sweet or an irritable accent ???

Hello friends☺

We know not everyone can speak fluently in foreign languages. Of course, not everyone has a perfect accent. However when I meet people who speak or try to speak in my native language ( even with mistakes) I enjoy very much. I think their accent is very sweet. 

What do you think? Do you like or annoy when you meet people who speak in your native language with strange accent?

Dec 24, 2015 2:31 AM
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I think having accent means you can speak at least two languages and that's a good thing.
About hearing foreigners for example speaking Arabic my native language I feel happy at least they try to speak with your language and as said before some accents kinda cute and nice that makes me smile and thank them for make effort to speak.
Finally "If you want to speak to people's minds speak with your own language but If you want to speak to people's hearts speak with their language"

December 24, 2015

I cannot think of any foreign accent that has bothered me when they were trying to speak English.

For instance, I heard your accent the other day and I agree with Richard, your accent is lovely. I know that you probably want to diminish it somewhat but I think it is a bit of a shame because I like it so much.


There are however, to be honest, some native English speakers whose accents bother me. I think, perhaps, that we are harder on those closest to us and accepting of those from the outside. I certainly have been the recipient of much kindness from people who endured me torturing their language and am grateful for their patience.

December 24, 2015

@Leyla, thank you for this discussions.  In my  opinion, it is very cute if non-native speakers have strong accent even make a little mistakes when they are trying to speak our language. Our words have four tones, it has a little bitdifficult to non-native speakers, sometimes native speakers also make mistakes as well.  I'd like to see people have desires to learn our language, never annoy me. On the contrary, I like it. ^_^

December 24, 2015

I agree with everything everyone has written.

The effort is more important than the result.

And I especially enjoyed reading Mido's quotation.

Good discussion Leyla...

December 24, 2015

I agree with what Michael said because it happens to me.


I really like foreing accents in Spanish, I think every language has its "personality" (intonation, volume, speed ...) and it is really nice listening to my language with all of these "personalities" :)


However, there are some accents (from Spanish speaking countries/areas) that I don't like at all. It might make no sense I know but it is the way I feel towards accents! 

December 24, 2015
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