Please help me check out my answer. Thanks a lot.

Please help me check out my answer which is at the bottom of the page. This practice has no answer in my exercise book. I need to check out whether my answer is correct or not, so the only way is to get help from you guys. Thanks a lot.

For each blank, there are four choices A, B, C and D. Please choose one that best fits into the passage.

It is fashionable for the amateur administrators who runinternational sporting events to complain that sportsmanship is a thing of the past and to put blame for everything wrong with sport on the growth of professionalism. They(1) that when the modern Olympic Games began athletes felt that (2) was sufficent reward for them to compete. They are(3)that some athletes today regard running(4)work and expect tp be (5)for what they do. The truth is that such high(6)were always an aspiration and(7)had much to do (8)reality. The Olympic Games of 1900 and 1904 were tied up with(9)because they were organized as a secondary attraction to international trade fairs. It was a(10)occurrence for athletes to be disqualified for(11)the rulers and on one(12)the losing team in the Olympic football final(13)off the field and refused to (14)on with the game. The love of amateurism and the belief that(15)is important is how(16)behave on the field,(17)whether you win or lose, come from a time when the only people who played games seriously did not need to earn their(18). Even then it was common(19)rich men and universities in some countries to subsidize "amateurs" by paying their bills or(20)

1. A. exclaim B. declare C. assume D.claim

2. A. this B. that C. it D. what

3. A. disappointed B. horrified C. satisfied D. discouraged

4. B. like C. besides D. above

5. A.rewarded B. paied C. promoted D. remedied

6. A.standards B. requirements C. examples D. ideals

7. A.however B. forever C. never D. ever

8. A. to B. into C. for D. with

9. A. import B. export C. market D. business

10. A. prompt B. rare C. frequent D. swift

11. A. spoiling B. breaking C. destroying D. contrasting

12. A. time B. occasion C. opportunity D. sport

13. A. walked B. set C. ran D. left

14. A. go B. play C. continue D. carry

15. A. what B. which C. it D. this

16. A those B. they C. you D. we

17. A.neither B. nor C. not D. never

18. A. money B. salary C. life D. living

19. A.for B. to C. among D. of

20. A. debts B. fees C. costs D. expenses


 Here is my answer:

1-5: DCAAB


11-15: BACDA

16-20: CBDAC


Dec 24, 2015 3:32 PM