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Good wishes and damnations in every language.

Hi, friends.

There are good wishes and damnations in every language. I am sure everybody in the world use good wishes 

 in holidays, in daily life. However some people ( especially women ) use damnations in daily life. There are many different tragical and a little funny damnations in our language. 

For example: Let a stone fall in your head.

I want to talk you a tragical, maybe funny story about this damnation.

I know two adult women who are always arguing. Once one of them

was angry and said to other: Let a stone fall on ykur head. Yiu will not believe same day a stone fell on her head when he passed near high 

apartment. That' s why pay close attention when you use damnations:)

So, do the people in your country use these words or not ?


If you want post your voice comment, do not be shy:)



Jan 7, 2016 1:29 PM
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Oh there are tons of them over here in the States, some are old fashioned but you will still hear them from time to time.


Go jump in the lake

Go to hell

Go to the devil

Go screw yourself

Drop dead

Take a long walk off a short pier


January 9, 2016

Hi Leila!

I've heard the recording. Good job! I got it all.

Try to make sounds "R" and "TH" softer. And pay attention to "L", and "D".

January 7, 2016


I know only Go to hell.

Others are new for me.

 Because we use same damnation in our language


January 9, 2016

Thank you, Alex. I got your advice. Why do not you answer my question. You also may show your accent in English☺

January 7, 2016