How you learn languages? How much time in a week you spend for learning a new language?

Which method is prefer for you and wich sities you use for learning?

And who you concentrate for doing home work? ) I like learn languages but some times I can't concentrate on home work and prefer watch movies or listen to music ) 

Jan 9, 2016 2:30 PM
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Hi! I spend a lot of time learning, reading and practicing, even tough I have to study for high school. I see series, listen to songs and translate the lyrics, talk to natives, etc. You don't have to do homework all the time to learn a language. I think that trying to speak with a native speaker is way more useful, and you learn the language in a funny way!


Anyway, that homework and boring grammar is necessary too. But I have to admit that I prefer to do other things than just sit and read grammar rules!

January 9, 2016

do not denounce me for my English, my level is elementary but I'm will try improve it

January 9, 2016

You need to wisely manage your time. If you can't, you should write down all the tasks you need to do in a specific day and give a purpose time for each task you finish. This way may hel you to exploit your time as possible. Additionally, you need to join someone to study with.

January 9, 2016

Hello, Ann! As far as I am concerned there are no shortcuts or easy paths on the road to language proficiency. Therefore all means and methods of language learning (reading, listening, etc.) work best for me. Most language learning sites are relieable and legitimate in the courseware that they offer. However, the impetus for a mid - level to high proficiency range in any acquire language begins with an individual's effort to be diligent in his/her studies. italki members generally offer sound advice, and if you are able to study with a tutor or professional teacher I would highly suggest that you do so. I will also like to say to you, be patient and try not to get frustrated. It's the journey that matters the most, not the destination  Jiayou!!

January 9, 2016

The first thing to learn is "The Parts of Speech".


Here is a nice, simple, English grammar website:

January 9, 2016
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