Learning Turkish through Short Stories

Here I'd like to share a download link to my audio&pdf Turkish lessons. These lessons are meant to help Turkish learners practise speaking Turkish on their own. If you ask me how, let me explain: First you read and listen to a mini story, then you listen to the conversation lesson in which you will be asked a lot of questions about the story. (Don't worry you will get the answers too.) The point is that you pause the audio and give your answer before hearing the answer and through repetition you master lots of grammar rules like suffixes added to nouns and verbs and learn vocabulary naturaly. What are the stories about? Oh, most of them are childish, some of them are funny stories but nothing naughty! I'd be happy if you benefit from these lessons. Here is the link:

Jan 16, 2016 10:28 PM
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Your comments are really appreciated. Thank you for your interest. I see a lot of people downloaded the first pack. My advice is: believe in this method. Don't take it for granted. This is how a language is acquired naturally.  Study one lesson every week and answer the questions aloud. Repetition is the key to success. Then, apply what you have learned into real life. Show off your Turkish here on italki. And if you have any questions related to the lessons, feel free to ask me here. Have fun learning Turkish!
January 31, 2016

And this is the second volume. There are eleven more lessons of the same kind in this file.

January 19, 2016

You might want to try a lesson before you download the whole set. You can listen to a story lesson here:

January 17, 2016
Wow, thank you so much, this is amazing (:
January 31, 2016

Thanks alot :)

Really useful :) 

January 19, 2016
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