turkish song

Have you ever found some random song on language you actually don't understand?

Today i found some turkish song and I fell in love in it. I don't understand a word of it... maybe it's about suffer. All i know that 'till the end of the day I will repeat : 

Göre göre hata da yaptim, pismanligim çok.Bile bile aldattim da, aldandigim çok.

Jan 27, 2016 3:11 PM
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yea that happened with me may times with different languages ( Indian, Italian and Turkish..), but what i remember now is that Italian song ( Italiano vero ) i really liked it since first time i heard .
January 27, 2016


Most of my knowlege of some languages  comes from "some random songs") Sometimes it leads to an    actual effort to learn the language. Sometimes not.

But I easily memorize them,,,, and I love to know each single word/suffix meaning even more than the 'overall' meaning of the song:))))

January 27, 2016