urgent help someone available so you can practice my Inglés  is very urgent . tomorrow i have my exam and I need help please 
Jan 29, 2016 2:35 AM
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Hi Carolina,

It would have been appropriate to thank Adrian, who spent a lot of time and effort to write you detailed explanations for your questions because of your last-minute 'urgent' request.

People who spend time to answer questions do it out of their own time, are not paid for it, and it is only reasonable to at least thank them.  

It is very discouraging to spend a lot of time to help people writing extensive explanations, and then they can't even bother to take a few seconds to type 'Thank you'.  Even if the answers were not as helpful as perhaps you would have liked, remember that the person took time out of their day to help you, and for that you should show appreciation.

January 31, 2016
I understand your point of view, but I take the help that make me some, and I thank you through a private message.. I wrote to Mr. Adrian a message for all your help but it was private. I think these accused without knowing. I really appreciate all the help from everyone.
January 31, 2016

Actually, I don't agree with that last part at all. It's absolutely appropriate to thank the people who help you for free, probably in every country and almost every context.

There's no cultural rule that says you have to do that publicly, though. A personal message is also perfectly acceptable to me and many others, I'm sure. Including plenty of native English speakers. The fact that some public gratitude will encourage others to keep helping people is a valid point, of course.

I understand the general frustration with users on this website who can't be bothered to even confirm they've read the answers or corrections they received. It's obviously fine to discuss that issue when we encounter it. In this particular case however, it seems we were too fast to judge. That's no big deal, but there's also no need to make Carolina feel bad or suggest it's a cultural lesson she has to learn. I really don't think it's fair to say that a private message instead of a public one would be rude!

@Carolina; as far as I'm concerned, what you did was just fine. I'm sure people have personal preferences when it comes to how others thank them, but the main point is just to thank them in the first place. 

February 1, 2016

Hi Carolina, it is not a matter of doing it to receive a thank you.

Not only it is quite discouraging to be taken for granted and to get that feeling of being used as a cheap use-and-throw item, but it's also that it is generally considered rude not to thank someone who helps you. 

On a public post where someone helps you publicly it is usually considered appropriate to thank them on the same post. It is considered rude not to do so, at least in my local culture - and I am confident most people would agree.  I think that is the case in most countries.  If this is different in your country, that's okay, perhaps you can include this in your cultural learning that should come together with language learning, as in most English speaking countries this would be considered appropriate.  Once again, it is great that you thanked him privately!

Have a great day.

February 1, 2016
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January 29, 2016
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