James :)
Do you prefer British or American English? :)

Hi. I am from the UK, and I am curious as to which way of speaking sounds nicer to foreigners. When in America, I was told my accent was "sexy", and that British English is very sophisticated (unless you know lots of Brits, then you will know that this is not the case haha). 

Personally, I do not care for the Americanisms. I will never accept that the loo is called a restroom! :) Although, many Brits are beginning to use them, as we have so much exposure to American culture.

I know most people tend to learn American English as there are so many Americans, and Americans seem like really nice people, as well as practical purposes, over British English as it is only really used by certain people. 

Also, if there is an American who can actually do a decent British accent, I really wanna hear it. I have never met an American who can, but then again it is the same on the other side of the pond.

All opinions are appreciated, but I do mean standard accents by the way, as I know that in Britain and America have SO many different accents and dialects.

Thank you :)

Feb 9, 2016 9:21 PM
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I'm British, but after I spent a while in France I had a lot of comments from French people saying that they couldn't understand my accent. They understood American a lot easier, mostly because of movies/TV, which is fair enough. 
February 9, 2016

I can understand that American English is widespread due to movies and TV, and non-English speakers might have more exposure to it and thus find it easier to understand.

But I'm surprised to hear learners of English say that American English is easier to pronounce and there is less stress on the letters. I'm a New Zealander, and if there's one thing about American English that stands out to me, it's how strongly they pronounce everything.  They drop letters?  Since when?  They even pronounce the r's on the ends of words!!

February 10, 2016
I prefer British English, because it's more clear to understand.
February 9, 2016
American English.
October 16, 2016
I'm from Brunei and the English taught at schools here are British English. I do love listening to British accent (which I'll never be able to pull off), but in a way I think American English is much easier to learn and more students are using it these days with or without realising simply because we have much exposure to American culture from watching television and listening to songs.
February 11, 2016
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