When should i use...?


I want to know when i should or can use this terms:

As long as




for over

Thanks ;)

Feb 12, 2016 3:30 AM
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As long as you give me an opportunity to gain the grant, I would try my best to prepare for this test
February 12, 2016

 3. On can have different meanings. If you know Fench it's kind of like sur. On means "physically in contact with and supported by (a surface)." If your seated in a sofa your body would is placed "on" the sofa. Your physically supported by the sofa. The sofa is holding the body.  A hat is "on" a head, because the head is holding the hat. On also means when something is lit, activated, etc. If your tv is powered off, you'll press the power button to activate the tv, turning it on. On can also indicate the time or day an event is happening.  If your birthday tomorrow then your birthday is on Feb 12. It's because your birthday is held on Feb 12.

4. In means inside, within, etc. I drop my brush in the washroom and it fell "in" the toilet. Bones are inside our body.

5. For over I can't really explain to well since I don't know the context there in but it's often used to contRast or move on in an argument or move on when making a point. Hope this helps :)

February 12, 2016

HI there! I'll try my best to explain to you the differnce and when to use each of these phrases/words. long as is a conditional term and used when giving a statement with a condition.  It means that something will occur or be accepted if something is met. 

Example: "You can go to the movies as long as your homework is completed by 7pm ". 

2. Ever is more tricky to explain but it describes the instance of something occurring (at least once).  If you want to ask if your friend , since they were born, failed a test your say, " have you ever failed a test?". That's why if something didn't occur since they begining of time or someone is making it clear something one happen they'll say never, the negative form of ever.

February 12, 2016


That´s perfect

Thank you so much, really

And can i ask u when i should use to the?

you know like: i am going to the zoo

But i know that there are some cases that you dont use that words

YOu are so kind 

February 12, 2016