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Fear of speaking Korean How do I get over my fear of speaking in Korean? I have been learning for 9 months and my level is still low, but I am much more comfortable reading and writing in Korean. I find listening very very hard, and speaking even more so. My brain doesn't work fast! I'm going on holiday to Korea in August and will be meeting up with friends and would really love to be able to actually speak with them in Korean, especially as one friend only speaks very basic English. There are no Koreans here in my town to practice with; there aren't even any classes available. I know online classes are available but they are all 60 minutes, and I find it hard to concentrate that long (I have fibromyalgia which causes pain, exhaustion and affects concentration and memory). Any advice?
Apr 12, 2018 8:44 PM
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Same with me haha. I'm quite freaking out when face to face with a Korean. Even my ex boss is Korean but we communicated in English so we didn't have any problem then. I have studied Korean myself for about 1 year and right now I still cannot speak completed sentences without help. And because there are nobody want to study my language so I don't have a choice for "language partner". I think I should start from the basic just like when I studied English at primary school. 
April 13, 2018
Hi^^ 소영~><
My recommendation is that you read out loud anything written in Korean (every day!)
It really helps you get ready to speak in the language you are learning.
What I did when I first learned English, I tried to read some english books(really easy ones) 
and I read out loud what I wrote (diary, txt, katalk). 
And then, start talking with anyone in Korean in reality. you can do it with anyone who's learning or any native teacher here that you think
is easy to talk to. There are also many 30-min lessons! so keep searching!
Eventually, You will see yourself speaking in Korean amazingly!
화이팅!! xD
April 13, 2018

I guess a good start is to talk to your self in Korean, and try to think in Korean, as much as possible. Just try to feel as familiar and "at home" with the language as possible.

For example, instead of thinking/saying (to yourself) "hmm, what's this?", you can say/think "이게 뭐지?".

April 12, 2018
If I'm not mistaken there are also options for shorter lessons if you're having a hard time focussing for a long time. In my settings I can also enable 45 or 30 minute lessons. I don't speak any Korean though, but I would encourage you to scour the profiles of Korean teachers.

Remember it's totally fine to make mistakes, since the only way to improve is through making mistakes and then learning from them.

April 12, 2018
Thank you all!! That's an awesome idea to read out loud in Korean to myself to get used to it. I've been listening to podcasts every day to try and get more used to the sound and speed of native Korean, but it's just sooooo fast!! I will look for language exchange partners :)
April 13, 2018
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