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Mental Illness and Language Learning?

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May 2, 2018 11:16 PM
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Thank you  torch wielding guy !

I was going to write something about your courageous post and you just invited me to shut up my mouth. Well, you are not contributing with this kind of aggressive attitude to demolish eventual taboos on “mental illness”.

I would also question the notion of mental illness. But I leave you. You can have your soliloquy with the original poster. Don’t forget that discussions without contributions just sink down to oblivion. So long!

by the way, my name is Aliph

May 3, 2018

Aliph, yes, spending 30 minutes for someone's post is not what people normally do on forums. Maybe the TS expects people with mental inlesses to find the topic itself insteresting enough to watch it, but you are right: some highlights would make this more likely.

As for taboo, the TS called it this way and I agree. Here at least, a person needs courage to admit any mental condition more serious than depression. And this person can reasonably expect everyone around to feel Awkward, embarrassed, ashamed and so on. Much unlike it is with a physical condition. Secondly, when my friends discuss mental conditions, it is more along the lines of general curiousity about multiple personalities rather than about making the world more habitable for crazy people:)

@torch wielding guy, 
1. I watched the video. 2. no, it is not obvious that it wasn't meant for us. 3. yes, my second comment was an off-topic. 4. your second comment has great derailing potential too:(

May 3, 2018
Why should this topic be tabou? I just don’t like to feel obliged to watch at a long video. Why can’t we discuss it here on a discussion forum?
May 3, 2018

there are many people with mental issues in general and there are many of them on this site in particular. 
Actually, there are many people with issues, mental or not, here:) 

And you are right, it is no good that the topic is a 'taboo' (it is much related to the fear that mental ilnesses evoke in some people, and this fear is pure evil and must be destroyed:/). But I imgine, not many people are ready to speak about their situation openly here.
Yet another thing you can do is creating a group in Discord or elsewhere which poeple could join without compromising their public image here.

May 3, 2018
Why don’t you try to give us the main points of your topic? Maybe that will arise some interest for your video.
May 3, 2018
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