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What to reply to: 예쁜거 알지? 안녕하세요!

Here's the context: 

I've been texting with a korean guy (he's a few years older than me) and he commented this: 예쁜거 알지? on one of my pictures.

I'm currently learning hangul, so I'm a complete beginner in korean but I'd like to make the effort and reply to him in korean. I also want to understand what replies would be considered "normal" or how would a korean girl reply to something like this?

Could you please give me some examples on how to reply to this comment?


Mar 22, 2019 6:44 AM
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땡큐 is good
March 23, 2019

Nice to meet you, anyway. This is my very first comment in this group.

예쁜거 알지? As you know, this means 'you know how you are beautiful or attractive, aren't you?'.
So, I think he's intend is this you are beautiful or attractive. If you understood this sentence you can give your feedback or thanks comment on it.
BTW, since you want to know the response of Korean girl, let me share about it. In my experience as a Korean man, there is 2 types of the response. First is just say no I'm not, '아니에요..' like this. Second is saying 'Yes, I am. you know what' like this. Most of girls say '아니에요'.

Please consider this is only my personal opinion.
Have a nice day!
March 22, 2019


this is sufficient

March 22, 2019