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How to lose weight in just three days? | Lose five kilos in an easy way
How to lose weight? It must be the question that many people ask themselves when looking for an alternative that will help them lose the extra kilos. Therefore, we show you a diet with which you can reduce those sizes without stopping to eat and without submitting to hours in the gym. Follow these tips to look radiant.

It is a diet with which you can lose at least 5 kilos in three days and not only in order to keep a healthy figure, but you can contribute to the economy in your home because the foods that we recommend are low in carbohydrates and low cost. It is based on a rich variety of nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Remember that according to nutritionists, "stop eating" is not a healthy option to lose weight, because when the stomach does not receive food it affects the metabolism. Also you will not have a good performance during the day.

Also, it is essential to feed early in the day (breakfast), drink water and assist a nutritionist to make a full assessment of your health and see what might be happening so you can not lose weight. Reduces the consumption of sugars such as soda and / or drinks with dyes.

Next, we present you the diet, what you should eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner during these three days to lose weight:
Mar 25, 2019 12:10 PM