correct me please! Food is one of the most interesting topics one should talk about
We chose this topic as there are many reasons
The first one that this topic is not only talking about food and the most famous dishes but also this topic talks about food's culture in various countries and every country has its own culture and its way to eat and when we talk about food's culture we learn a lot of things and it's a great thing to know about other countries' culture.
For us to learn everything about a country's cuisine culture is an  interesting point to discuss
In this topic we chose three of the most Important countries in Asia
First country is India, we chose India as it has various kinds of food also its regional and traditional cuisines. India is famous for its spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits as well as its beliefs which seemed to be an interesting point to be talked about.
, Second country is Thailand we chose Thailand because we knew it's a very distinctive country as in Thailand people don't use chopsticks to eat as the rest of Asian countries, also they have their unique cuisines that are different from other Asian countries and they have a lot of legends that we can take an advantage of in our presentation.
Third country is Korea we chose Korea as we are from the korean department and our thoughts are always drifted to its culture so we wanted to take a dip in it and explore further also we wanted to show the connection between food and culture in korea.
The second reason that made us choose this topic that food is a varied topic and it was easy for us to put all our thoughts and ideas in this presentation.
The third reason is that we wanted to let everyone knows about other countries' culture and habits and we couldn't find a way better than talking about food and cuisines. 
Mar 25, 2019 9:31 PM
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March 26, 2019
Yes thank you for telling me!
March 26, 2019