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Where Would You Go If italki Shut Down the Community Section For Good?! Have you ever thought about it? Do you know any other place like italki with an active community? I believe it could be quite hard to be on another langauge learning website when you are used to seeing friends and familiar members on italki every day.  
Mar 29, 2019 11:52 AM
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I invite all of you to come to my cave, it will provide you a pleasing linguistic ambience where you will not only learn the language of humans but the language of nature as well,-- you know... the twitting of birds, fluttering of leaves in a gentle breeze, the stream of water burbled through the woods and sounds of different wild animals. :D

If italki is going to defenestrate us all, you may consider knocking at my cave:D

Hope you all find a better place to learn your languages!

Best wishes,


March 29, 2019


Here is a short poem for you:

Sesame, sesame open the door

We are all waiting behind the door

Just let us come inside 

On the cave floor, we shall reside 

We shall reminisce the good old days 

When italki was free of language partner requests 

We will drink tea with milk and sugar

Perhaps later we will eat one or two burgers  

In the cave, we will have so much fun

Just like the good old days that are gone!


That's a good idea. I will occupy the southwest of the cave. ;)

April 9, 2019
I'll go to Troglodyte's cavern: Since he already invited us all, I'll take him up on his offer. Desperate times call for desperate measures...
March 29, 2019

I'd probably go to the WordReference forums: 


April 9, 2019


There also comes the issue of wearing the hijab in Iran. Women who don't wear the hijab are declined entry to the country. I have heard some women saying that they're interested in visiting Iran, but due to the mandatory hijab, they refrain from traveling to it. So, I guess some people can't just come to terms with this aspect of life in Iran. You should come and see what hijab really means here for yourself,  Most women are stylish and wear free hijab. By free hijab, I mean loose scarves and open manteaues. 

If you are OK with not drinking alcohol, using credit cards, and lying naked on the beaches, then you are always welcome to Iran. Iranians are generally warm and welcoming people. :) I mentioned this because I once heard an American guy say that he will never travel to Iran because he cannot drink! Well, I guess the advantages of traveling to Iran is more than some of its seeming disadvantages. If one is genuinely interested in Iran's culture and would like to know more about it, these issues shouldn't be an obstacle.      

Edited for some typos. 

April 13, 2019
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