Help me with Japanese Phrases pleaaase!! I'm studying Japanese by myself and I can't interpretate the phrases my textbook puts in the questions.

Can someone help me with the meaning of these?

1. 今年の なつは うみへ いきたいです。

2. 大人は せんへんで、こでもは ごひゃくえんです。

Thank you :3

Apr 8, 2019 3:30 AM
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Ooh thank you very much! I didn't realise I wrote that ど wrong haha
April 8, 2019
1.I want to go to the sea this summer.

2.Adults are 1000 yen, and children are 500 yen.

(Entrance fee)

There is a typo - children is spelt こども (子供) not こでも。

April 8, 2019