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a topic to be discussed Nowadays, we can easily download music and movies from the internet. However, some people believe that we have to pay for them. What are the possible negative  consequences of downloading for free?
Apr 8, 2019 12:06 PM
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I can try to expalin this but actually the important things for me is the feeling.

there was a time when there were no recordings. People composed music and people performed music. People were performing music of other people (without paying for this). Some people just sang songs on their own, other people made money this way. Sometimes no one knows the author or a song has chanegd so much that it has too many authors. Then it is called a "folk" songs. 

Can we say that this world was "immoral" and "dirty" and now when we have recordings and copyright it is pure and better?

Before telling anything about the copyright laws in their current form, it is important to realize one thing: they are not given by God. It is not that way, that God gave every human on Earth the right to say other people: "do not share my song with each other".

They are arbitrary and they are made by people. They could be Very different. 

If human art and people themselves benefit from them - then they might be good. Also this is the sole reason for why they exist.

As a citizen you're responsible for laws. It is citizens who make the laws. If your laws do harm, you are responsible for this harm. If you support a law but have no idea "why" there is such a law (other than "there has always been one")... you're an irresponsible citizen.
April 8, 2019

Well, in theory, we should pay for them, because they are products, and people might argue that every album you download is an income loss to the owners. I don't think it's true, since the majority of people wouldn't pay for it even if it was the only chance to listen to them. Right, you'd buy a few albums but that's all, and there's a chance that no-one would discover random bands on youtube, making only the already famous bands more famous.I'd say you support them financially the most, if you buy ticket for their gigs.
I can imagine that the topic fits more the movie industry, but it still seems very profitable.
Usually, I only hear complaints from videogame developers. But in my opinion it's the last convincing of all, like sure I can afford some 20-dollar album, but I wouldn't pay 60 for a videogame. Everyone would wait for the sales, if they'd buy it at all.

April 8, 2019
Hajer, I feel that when respecting copyright I do more harm / bring more evil to the world than when not respecting it. So I do not respect it.

April 8, 2019
En realidad podemos obtener contenido gratuito pero la consecuencia son los virus que están escondidos en estas opciones, los virus pueden dañar completamente la computadora o celular y en el menor de los casos solo perdemos información.
April 8, 2019
Well, downloading a song or film which one would ordinarily have to pay for would be considered theft. Hence, it is an immoral act if nothing else, but you may also incur a penalty if caught!
April 8, 2019
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