Why do so many smart Russians go to Europe?
Just personal thoughts.
As you know, everything is decided by the aftertaste.When you communicate with a person in the mode of life, as a rule, you are not very concerned about the questions of what his mentality is. Here is me in my childhood, in the late 90's, parents took to visit different families to their friends and acquaintances. And the only family I remember well is the family of one of my mother's friends - the daughter, her brother, father and mother.
Why I remember them, I will not say exactly, but over time I realized that it was some atypical Russian family. They lived in a civilized but not luxurious cottage. All engaged in mental work, for example brother was programmer.
 I do not know how to explain it, they are just different. Their tact, rational mind, reliance on logic, respect personal space, the absence of in lexicon these stupid prejudices,Proverbs, adopts and so on.At the same time, they were extremely simple and adequate.I didn't understand it then, but now I see that I was just visiting typical Europeans.They contrasted against the background of our women - "soul wide open", contrasted with their civilization. We can't say that our families are worse or better, they are just very different.
Unfortunately, the whole family went to Europe. Brother in Germany, the rest in Greece, found a good job there.
And I think: is it good or bad? But what if people with European thinking leave the country? After all, they are only one of the few. On the one hand, I understand them , many civilized people are not comfortable and unpromising in Russia, but who will stay with us if all the experts leave? Unfortunately, in the absence of such posts in the country begin to occupy economic opportunists, that is, people who took the posts of cronies, connections and all that, that is, they did not become officials, because they are aces of their business. They just adjusted...

Apr 18, 2019 4:59 PM
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