Do you find yourself practicing two languages instead of one!!!

What I mean is that I am doing language exchange where I am trying to practice English and help people in French, but I sometimes find myself doing a bunch of things in French after my exchange sessions, because when I interact with people they tell me about a movie that they watched, a song that they listned to, youtube channel that they liked, a lesson that they enjoyed ... EVEN a grammar rule that they don't understand well and so on and so on ... I think then I'm not practicing only English, I'm practicing French too ...

Apr 28, 2019 4:26 PM
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Azul Drasvi !!! some Berber greeting for you!
April 28, 2019
Let's say, if I knew some Arabic and French (I do know some but only basics, especially with Arabic. I can't communicate in Arabic) and if you didn't know English, and if were learning Berber and you were my lnagauge partner, what would happen is:
my Arabic and French would get much better. Also I would learn many things about Berbers. But I wouldn't speak Berber:)))))) And I'm not sure if I should "change" this. Rather, to learn Berber I would try to learn something else, something that would make me communicate in Berber.
April 28, 2019

Mouna, constantly. 

My English improves. I find people (partners) with whom I have too many interesting things to discuss. That is absulutely great, I think people are much better than langauges:) As our levels in our respective langauges aren't so high, we discuss things in English.
I also read materials about langauges I'm interested in written in other langauges.

It would of course also be great if my target langauges improved as well:) Particluraly because it is langauges of my freinds and it is better to communicate with your friends in each other's native languages. 

But well, they would if I were not so lazy. 

April 28, 2019