Sed Yasimov
Professional Teacher
Choosing your words - TIP OF THE DAY 10

What`s up! Sed, here!

How to choose which words to learn first?

One reason why conversations are always very efficient to learn new vocabulary is that we use them at that exact moment. We create memories, stories.

But when we are by ourselves we kinda choose them randomly, from books or we google 1000 most used words in (language) and start from there.

What to do?

1. For the beginner - Take a look around you, and look for objects that you don`t know the name of. Do this every time you visit a place. At the Gym, School, Restaurant, Work, Street, Transport, the list can go forever.

2. For the advanced - Do almost the same but, this time you will deconstruct objects. For example, you walk on the street and you see a car. Ask yourself what the car is made of. You will find out some words you haven`t even thought about.

Have a great day/night! Till next time!

Apr 30, 2019 3:34 PM