Will you be my friend? I am looking for a language exchange partner, it does not matter who you are (male/female/etc) just as long as you're a native speaker and patient. I don't need a lot of friends, just someone who's as motivated as I am to learn and who is able and willing to talk to me frequently or occasionally. I am trying to emphasis the word 'friend', as I have no alterior motives behind my desire to learn Japanese; I simply want to learn and share.

If you are interested, please feel free to message me anytime. I will definitely respond!

日本語だけなら、読みます… 多分。

May 4, 2019 10:43 PM
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I am a native Japanese speaker and interested in teaching Japanese. Also, I would like to be fluent in English, so I am really willing to teach Japanese in English. I read your profile and I like watching anime as well. It seems that you have already succeeded to find Japanese friends, but please feel free to contact me if you need one more Japanese friend.  
May 16, 2019