Petri Sanchez
Hello!!!!! I´m from Spain. Someone who wants to speak Enghish and I ´ll exchange it for Spanish
May 6, 2019 9:23 AM
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Good morning. Iam very sorry for delate but this week I have a relative at hospital and I am very bussy.

Anyway I would like you all speak me about what topics we want to speak about.

I start: my favorites are travels, books, cinema and sports. I like very much hiking. I use to go to the mountain every week, sometines on Wednesday  or weekends. Please if you see some incorrect word let me know. 

Y ahora escribo en Español, que es mi lengua materna. Yo quiero practicar ingles escrito y hablado para viajar, poder ver una pelicula en versión original y para leer noticias y libros. Mi ingles hablado es un poco escaso y me gustaría mejorarlo.

Gracias a todos los que habeis contestado a mi petición. 

Tal vez esta semana tenga poco tiempo para hablar con vosotros pero lo haré en cuanto me sea posible.

May 13, 2019
Hi, we could practice together. Thank you.
May 8, 2019
I'd like to learn Spanish
May 8, 2019

Good moorning and sorry. I only connect at first hour morning . Thas it the time when I study Enghish.

Anyway , all that you write I´ll answer you as soon as posible.

May 7, 2019
I want to improve my vocabulary
May 6, 2019
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