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What is your favorite dish?

What did you cook first time in your life?What was that?tell the story about that?i was roasting a fritters when i turn on the oven then put the frying pan at it and left at some minutes .When i went back she was on fire then i put the frying pan out .it is good that the fire did no touch the wall.we often cooked my friend'house .We often cooked a mayonnaise pie.First of all ,we take two eggs ,a glass of mayonnaise ,seven spoons of flour ,five spoons of sugar,a few soda then all mix and pour the gotten blend in any shape for baking and bake about 15-20 minutes. we often got together and drove for strawberries gathered her when we was home started sort out the berries and sometimes baked from them a pie.we often drove catch a fish .A fishing rods had been done out of the sticks of trees .i like fishing because you sit by the edge, around quietly ,holding the fishing rods in the hands ,staking for every move the float even it not impotant how many the fish are caught.Once we stayed at the overnight.At the morning when we decided drive back our car can not be started but farther fixed her .once we met a eagle,his wing was broken and because he was not able to fly.His beak was very sharp ,He was fluttering his wings then flexed and straightened one.Out of mouth was thrown a acute sound and he came around by them then we step away

Apr 22, 2014 12:15 PM