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Teaching Subjunctive in Spanish on italki

As a tutor of Spanish language on ¡talki, I have been requested to teach and explain Subjunctive in Spanish quite a lot through my sessions. The fact that subjunctive mood is rarely used in English but widely used in Spanish, is really one of the main reasons. In my experience I have also realised that many native Spanish speakers are unaware that subjunctive is used quite a lot in everyday conversations. In fact, not only in Spanish but subjunctive mood is also found in other languages, especially Latin and the Romance languages such as French or Itailan though its usage depends on the language.

Good thing for my students and anyone if interested that they can now learn, practice and review their skills in Spanish Subjunctive with this free Video Course I have created. You can also find different videos having to do with speaking fluently, vocabulary and beginning students on my YouTube Channel


When to Use Subjunctive in Spanish Link


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Apr 25, 2014 5:11 PM
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I mispelled italki, sorry for that! :)

April 25, 2014