Jon Smith
I can help you learn English. If you want to study with a tutor. I ask that you become one of my students.

If you don't and you are looking for a better method to study English. I want you to try this method. 






I'll tell you the best way to learn.
This method works for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Students.

First, stop trying to read the words. Don't focus on reading or writing. You need to watch television, listen to music, and communicate with native English speakers. You will become a more complex and fluent speaker quickly doing this method. (There are many apps on phones for tv channels, movies, news channels.)

After you've learned to understand at an average level you need to begin reading and writing. The key to this is to learn your ABC. Once you learn your letters then you will catch that you know them already. If you already know your ABC, words, and phrases, but you want to improve your English then I encourage you to stop reading and writing so that you may focus mainly on the word and it's meaning. You will see that your brain words quickly when not focusing on the rules of a language.

Finally, I ask that you add 1 new friend every other day to your Skype Account or any other chatroom. That way you can constantly continue your English study. I also want you to look into Professional and Community Teachers. I say this because a teacher will of course be there to teach new things and taking sessions will keep you dedicated to learning.

Apr 30, 2014 8:05 AM
Jon Smith
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