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Feeling Spooked out Tonight : Do You Believe in the Supernatural?

I believe we all have souls, but I tend to not be a superstitious person or someone who believes in the supernatural. I have to say though that tonight I am feeling a little creeped out. I live in a small town in America; Sunderland, Massachusetts to be precise. There are tons of woods near my home. At night, sometimes you can hear the eerie sounds of coy dogs howling in the distance. This can be particularly spooky to hear around Halloween. Anyhow, tonight on my way home, everything seemed so dark and quiet out and it reminded me of something that took place two years ago.


There really isn't much to tell about it actually. I was just visiting Josh at his place when he lived in Leverette, Massachusetts, which is the next town over and is even smaller and more wooded than Sunderland is. Josh's roommates Alan and Dan hadn't arrived back from seeing a movie yet. Josh and I were watching TV and Josh decided to get up and go outside to smoke a cigarette. I stayed indoors. While he was out there, I heard some kind of eerie animal noise. Perhaps it was a howl. I don't know, but I also heard Josh yell "holy shit" from the porch so I went outside to see what was going on. He said that he had seen two red glowing eyes and a dark figure in the shape of a man run across the top of one of the barns at the stable next door. He also said that once it reached the other end of the barn, that he saw it jump off and then disappear. At first, I thought he was full of shit but to be honest, everything around the stable was eerily quiet that night. The horses were even quieter than all hell. Usually you can hear them whiny, walk around their pastures, etc., but not that night.


Eventually, Alan and Dan arrived back from the movie and Josh told them what he had encountered. Alan claimed that he had seen similar things while walking back from Bert's house in the dark on a number of nights. There is a dirt road that leads from the stable to Bert's place. It winds its way through thick woods. To be honest with you, regardless of whether anything supernatural exists out there, I wouldn't want to walk that road alone at night just purely because I wouldn't want to be attacked by any kind of animal that might be lurking in those woods. What Alan described though sounded more like what we call a will-o-wisp in American English. A will-o-wisp is generally speaking an unexplained ball of light which floats around through an area. What Josh described sounded more like a shadow walker or perhaps even a shape shifter from what I can gather on the Internet.


The stable is located on hills which used to be inhabited by Native Americans so the whole area is filled with the history of both Native Americans and American colonists. Bert claims that the spirit of a Native American roams the woods and the hills nearby and that she has been out horseback riding at night and has seen balls of light in meadows tucked away in the woods. I don't know if I believe any of this but if what she says is true, then perhaps she has seen will-o-wisps too and perhaps what Josh thought he saw was the spirit of this supposed Native American that roams the woods.


Anyhow, the main point of my discussion is to see whether you believe in the supernatural and whether you have ever encountered anything supernatural, and to also learn what mythological beings exist in your culture.

May 9, 2014 4:15 AM
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Hahaha actually shawn I don't shout whenever I see ghost because I dont want people to think that I am crazy lol.. In my first experience of seeing ghost in the middle of the night I shouted as loud as I can that almost all our neighborhood heard it. Well at morning all people in my neighborhood talk about me.. I felt ashamed and swear never shout again.


I don't know if they are capable of doing that but base on my experience they don't hardly move. maybe if they plan to harm you or kill you it is by scaring you to death... you get heart attack because you are too scared and shocked, maybe you run very fast without looking and you fell from the stair to the floor or you got hit by a car if you are outside hahaha

btw speaking about monster though I don't believe about them but people from my country really like believing on it. They even have specific way and armor to protect themselves and  fight against those monster. Below is the link of list of kind of monster in my country.

May 10, 2014

ivey what an interesting stories do parents and grandparents have for children.. Maybe that is why east asians such as china, japan and korea are good in making horror movie.. I just love watching horror movies if it is from those countries.

Shawn well I feel unlucky that time good thing I dont see ghost anymore when I am already in my 3rd year highschool. I don't know where did they go haha.. but I remember saying before I don't want to see ghost anymore maybe they heard it and granted my wish lol  0___0 

May 10, 2014

Thats quite interesting. I had something similar happen to me. I grew up in a semirural part of India and as kids we were often spooked by stories that got circulated about stuff happening around certain allegedly haunted buildings. There was this horse ranch that I used to pass by on my way home. One evening, I remember it was particularly dark outside, I saw a figure riding one of the horses. I was walking alongside the fence, bicycle in hand, and as the horse trotted towards me I realized that the rider was sitting backwards. For whatever reason that completely freaked me out. I somehow managed to get on the bicycle and peddalled home as fast as I could. :D


I don't believe in souls, but I don't like using the world believe in this context because it can imply that I made a choice. There simply isn't any proof that souls exist. Although, if we did have souls things would be very interesting. One of the implications would be that people who lose the ability to talk or remember things after brain injuries are not really damaged. The soul is able, its just the brain that's unable to get the words out. Also if we could extract and transfer souls into non-living/robotic bodies, we could colonize space. ^_^

May 9, 2014


May 11, 2014

Oh man, Kapil. You guys are total pranksters. Hahahaha! Love it! :)

May 10, 2014
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