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Do IT people in China translate their technical terms into Chinese language?

For example, do you IT guys in China use 'LIFO - Last In First Out' or do you translate that term into Chinese language when communicating with each other?

May 18, 2014 1:12 PM
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DRAM 動態隨機存取記憶體  Dynamic Random Access Memory

CPU 中央處理器 Central Processing Unit


會有 學術機構 或者 工業公會 做 翻譯 這方面的事

而從業人員 習慣上 還是直呼 DRAM CPU ...


LIFO / FIFO 在會計學上 是對存貨的評估方法

稱為 後進先出法 / 先進先出法

依然可以適用在 IT 產業 




May 18, 2014

Fabio, your list is very useful! :)

Anita, sharp as always, thank you!

May 19, 2014

I don't know how Chinese people say LIFO or FIFO :) I think there are some words that are used in English language, anyway of course there are also many Chinese words related to computer science. For example take a look at this list:

I had to use pastebin, because the comment's textbox allows only up to 2000 chars, and my list was too long.

May 18, 2014

There are funny things happened here.

Like the word Ajax, which meas "Asynchronous Javascript + XML", we don't translate it, but few of us know how to pronunce it correctly. 


May 19, 2014

In mainland China, we translate most of them, like:

Last In First Out 后进先出

hash 哈希

overflow 溢出

domain 域名

server 服务器


栈 (Stack)
队列 (Queue)
链表 (Linked List)
树 (Tree)
图 (Graph)
堆 (Heap)


But we still use some English words because they are short or hard to translate, like











May 19, 2014
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