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Writing Practice challenge!

I have a challenge for all italki-ers (italki -ites? italki-ese?) who want to improve their written English!


Write a notebook entry on the topic given below. I will correct it! Let me know in this thread that you have a notebook entry for me to correct, so that I won't miss it. If you want to improve your writing, but didn't know what to write about, this is your chance!


Here is the prompt:

If you visited Rye, Sussex, England around May 23rd, you would have the opportunity to catch hot pennies. This is Mayoring Day, the time when a new mayor is initiated into office. Rye used to mint its own coins, and soetimes they were distributed still hot from the molds that made them. To carry on the custom of the hot-penny scramble, the new mayor tosses hot pennies to young people.

During parades around the world, candy pieces or small trinkets are thrown to the watching crowd. Describe one similar tradition in your home country. Pretend that you are a member of the crowd. Somthing that you really want has just been tossed your way. Describe the sights and sounds around you and tell about your feelings.


Prompt taken from:<em>Writing down the days,</em> by L. Dahlstrom (1990).

May 23, 2014 4:02 PM
Diane Stevenson
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