Preparing for IELTS

Here, on italki, must be a lot of people who have succesfully passed IELTS and a lot of people who are just going to go through this test and searching for the best way to prepare themselves and  for the best sources you can use for it. So, I want to ask people who've passed IELTS with score 7,0 overall and higher  what can be your advices about it? Which books can be most usefull for selfstuding, especially if you have to do it pretty quickly? Most of all i'm interested in knowing about books for IELTS essays  but also would want to hear advices about passing this test and preparing for it.

Jun 4, 2014 3:53 PM
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IELTS is easy. Very easy. Just relax during the exam and don't try to impress the examiner. I scored 7.5

June 4, 2014