Where to begin to learn Hebrew? The alphabet I've been over a few times but am not good at it yet. Where should I start to learn the alphabet in writing. Then, should I be more focused on the actual speaking over the writing first or the other way around. Any suggested movies with English subtitles or other ways to begin learning besides actual conversation.
Jul 1, 2014 4:18 AM
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To learn Hebrew you need to work on the language every day.  כל יום תלמד כצת  Look at a short video, לצפות כל יום לודיו

or read a short story or poem. תקרא כל יום לסיפור קצר או שיר 


Good luck in learning Hebrew.  בהצלחה בעברית!


October 5, 2014

Hi everyone,

I am a professional English teacher living in Israel since 1980,so I think my Hebrew is pretty good.If anyone would like to learn Hebrew with me shoot me a message.You really need to understand the way Hebrew is built,which is very very different from most languages you probably know.It's not just the alphabet but the root system of words,and how new words are built from those roots.It's really very interesting.So good luck and if you want help let me know.

September 9, 2014

I am a native Hebrew speaker from Israel. I think more you use interactive study is better. Online is good but in person better. When I meet people here in Israel on Kibbutz many learn Hebrew at Jewish Community Center. 

July 16, 2014
Hello Pillar, here I listed some resources that helped me: http://www.italki.com/discussion/62714 From that list In particular I suggest try this site http://olim.cet.ac.il/olim/LevelA/ clicking on the video button first to hear/see the explanation at each stage. Then when you finished all the stages you can go on to LevelB. (Some say it works best with Internet Explorer) And I would start memorizing some vocabulary and learn the pronunciation here: http://my-hebrew-dictionary.com/videos.htm I also recommend these free very-beginner level videos: http://eteacherhebrew.com/free-lessons Have fun!! Hebrew is a very beautiful language. : )
July 1, 2014
Hi, I have recently started to learn hebrew. Here are a few things that have helped me a lot. A website called 'Teach Me Hebrew' http://www.teachmehebrew.com which is a free site that is great for an introduction. Also some youtube songs for the alephbet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzjHjXe-2XU&index=19&list=FL3AX3jvzSiedqg_R0cRdk8A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4ESRBNb8h0&index=18&list=FL3AX3jvzSiedqg_R0cRdk8A and a great little wiki on ideas how to start: http://www.wikihow.com/Learn-a-Language-on-Your-Own hope they help you :-)
July 1, 2014