Did Esperanto help you learn other languages?

Saluton, I've been learning Esperanto for about two weeks now and will continue to actively study it until the end of September, but then I will begin studying German (As I'm going to Berlin in July 2015). My question is, did Esperanto help you learn more languages? I currently only speak English and Afrikaans fluently, but after Esperanto and German I would love to learn French, Persian, Norwegian, Russian and Mandarin. Dankon!

Jul 6, 2014 2:56 PM
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I learned Esperanto a long time ago. It definitely increased my love to other languages and taught me "how to" learn other languages even if these were not related to Europe.


The pros are that:

-It's so easy  that it will not frustrate you.


-It helps you with the creative process of puting words together and adding suffixes or affixes.(which is very important while learning languages).


-It features a few characteristics from European languages: a lot of Latin vocabulary which will help you learn Romance languages, some Germanic words which will help you in learning Scandinavian/English/German languages (they also use pronouns in a similar way as these languages),


-and a very simple accusative which gives you an idea of how some slavic languages work like Russian or Polish.


-It's pretty much a 'trial' of other European languages.


-it has a large world distribution.


The cons are:

-It might be a hard language to learn for East-Asian language speakers.

-You will never find a job that requires it (I don't care about this because I learn languages for fun)

-Difficult to find speakers without arranging a meeting beforehand (you won't run into someone that speaks Esperanto)


I speak 5 languages now.

Esperanto ;




Spanish (mother language)




some Mandarin

August 26, 2014

In my opinion learning Esperanto is losing time, schools in Germany put the latin again because if you know latin probably you will learn another languages with base in latin easily. In Portugal you also can choose the Latin in last grade of high school. Esperanto is a artificial language, if you are learning German why don't learn germanic languages?

August 26, 2014

Esperanto really helps you to learn and improve any other languages. This is a fact demostrated by scientific studies. In my personal experience Esperanto has helped me a lot to learn French and understand better the structure of Arabic. Esperanto opens your mind to understand the basic grammar and structure of all the languages in the world. Learning Esperanto is like trainning yourself to learn better and faster any other languages.


You say that you want to learn German. Well, thanks to Esperanto you will recognize words like: tago (tag), telero (teler) , danko (danke), and the way Esperanto builds words is the same in German.

January 20, 2015

I've just begun learning Esperanto, but I can say that having learned other languages before is helping me pick up Esperanto at a rapid pace and makes it much easier to understand the grammar. I can only assume that if Esperanto is your first "second" language, its relatively easy structure would help you learn other languages and would be a good introduction to language learning. =)

June 8, 2015

This is kind of an update, but I do believe it did help me learn other languages.


This is how my Mandarin Chinese sounds, which is the weakest of my 5 languages.


My other languages are WAY better than my Chinese, and so far every Chinese I've spoken to with my current level can understand me unless I try to say something I have never said before (which means I don't have the best grammar in Chinese).

May 26, 2015
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