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Umm... Seems like everyone is not easy-going on italki.

I find it's really hard to make friend on italki. Usually, when I tried to start a conversation, then there wouldn't be any reply. Trust me, I'm a totally a good guy. I don't konw if I have made any mistake which cause nobody would like to talk to me. Is that my nationality or my physical appearance? There must be something wrong. I'm pretty troubled. If that's not my fault, There is only one explain—people on italki are not easy-going.

Jul 12, 2014 4:30 PM
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Jura commented on your first Notebook entry:
"How old are you really? Your profile says you are 17, you told me you were 12, now here you say you are 11. Which age is your true one?"
If you tell lies about your age then forget the friendship!

July 12, 2014

You did not write anything in italki Notebook, did not ask any question, did not take part in any discussion and that for the last three years!! How can you expect someonoe to be your friend then? 

You had been trying to send messages for the last three years, it does not work. Introduce yourself in italki so that people may know about you. 

July 12, 2014

@Nacir I don't konw if u could see my reply. Frist of all, I think u r right, my inactive behavior must be a main problem. U see, I just posted this discussion yesterday and when I'm back here, I'm surprised to see there are 10 notifications! Wow it's just unbelievable, I've never been replied before. 


That's the point. I did nothing but wished somebody come to konw me. In others' opinion, this guy must be crazy :p

As what u said, I've stopped taking part of any dicussion for 3 years. My profile says I've been a member of italki since Aug 15, 2011. I stopped posting things after I signed up.

About my age, there must be some mistakes.  Actually, I was born in 2000. When I signed up, I was only 11, a Grade 6 student. (Now I'm already a senior high school student!) According to the regulations of italki, I was not old enough to sing up at that time. So I've to forged my age. 

Then the schoolwork here in China is getting heavier and  heavier. I hardly had any extra time for online social networks. As a middle school student in China, it's nearly impossible to get on with foreigner. I believe that I'm the youngest chinese user on italki.


Anyway, Thx for ur kind reply, ur words really help. I promise that I'll come to italki more often and no longer leave without any words!

July 13, 2014

You have to realize that there are things happening on the other side of the conversation that you do not know about. When you mention physical appearance, I also have to wonder what your approach is in starting conversations.


I am not a good language partner on italki for exactly the reasons I stated in my profile. I work, and cannot commit to being a language or conversation partner on italki. Sometimes,  I go for months without visiting italli. Sometimes, someone sends me a language partner request in times when I do not visit for a long time. I also have requests for Mandarin conversation even though I am not currently actively studying Mamdarin. In my case, I try to respond and tell the person why I will not be a good choice for a partner, but it may be months after the request when I visit to tell this person anything.


I tried to put my goals and why I will not be a good language partner in my profile hoping people will read it and not disappoint themselves by contacting me with those requests, tgen waiting months for my reply. Still, however,  I get requests.


So I'd just say to first consider that there is a busy life on the other end of the conversation, and look to see how active that person is on italki.  Find someone whose goals match yours, list your goals in your profile, and target your reqiests well.

July 12, 2014

Great! Henry : you've found a partner ! You can see that it's not so hard to communicate here.


July 12, 2014
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