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Whats does it mean exactly "thought" at the end of a sentence? For Example: "Im good now thought"
Oct 14, 2008 10:48 PM
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The only reason you would use though at the end of a sentece would be as an adverb. It's used as a less formal substitute for however. Both though and however are used to contradict what has just been said. Exp... The car was very nice. I didn't like the wheels though. Hope this helps :D
October 14, 2008
Hello Eugenia It is "THOUGH" not "THOUGHT" I had a serious injury last week . I am good now though . I am good now inspite of the injury i had last week. "Though" basically affirms a statement ( i am good now) that contradicts or seems not to be expected as a result of a before mentioned statement ( i had a serious injury...).
October 15, 2008
HolySoul did a good job explaining this. Another way to think of this is using "though" is similar to using "but." I was sick last week. I'm good now though. I was sick last week, but I'm good now. I was sick last week, although I am good now. I was sick last week, though I am good now. These all mean the same thing!
October 15, 2008
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