Jayden Cool
questions Marty Arsenault eased in beside him. Circles of sweat darkened his uniform shirt. His eyes looked terrified. “What’s that truck doing there?” he asked, pointing with the barrel of his gun. “That’s the Meals On Wheels truck,” Freddy said. “For shut-ins and such. Haven’t you seen that around town?” “Seen it and helped load it,” Marty said. “I gave up the Catholics for Holy Redeemer last year. How come it’s not inside the barn?” He said barn the Yankee way, making it sound like the cry of a discontented sheep. “How do I know and why would I care?” Freddy asked. “They’re in the studio.” “How do you know?” “Because that’s where the TV is, and the big show out at the Dome is on all the channels.” Marty raised his HK. “Let me put a few rounds in that truck just to be sure. It could be boobytrapped.Or they could be inside it.”Freddy pushed the barrel down. “Jesus-please-us, are you crazy? They don’t know we’re here and you just want to give it away? Did your mother have any kids that lived?” “Fuck you,” Marty said. He considered. “And fuck your mother, too.” Freddy looked back over his shoulder. “Come on, you guys. We’ll cut across the field to the studio. Look through the back windows and make sure of their positions.” He grinned. “Smooth sailing.” Aubrey Towle, a man of few words, said: “We’ll see.” Q 1: In “Or they could be inside it.”, does “Or” mean “otherwise”,”if not”? Q 2: Does “Did your mother have any kids that lived?” imply that “If your siblings did things the way like you, your mother would lose all her kids”? It’s sarcasm, right? Q 3: Look through the back windows == Look through the back windows of the studio?
Apr 16, 2016 2:14 AM