Isn't they the same meaning -- prompts and reminders in one famous study by Gick and Holyoak, college students were presented with two problems that required them to apply a certain mathematical concept. The researchers found that even when the students knew the solution to the first problem, the vast majority did not think to apply a similar solution to the second problem. However, when the instructor suggested to students that they think about the second problem in relation to the first, 80 percent of the student participants were able to solve it. In other words, with minor prompts and simple reminders, instructors can activate relevant prior knowledge so that students draw on it more effectively. --- I wonder what "with minor prompts and simple reminders" means. And I don't even know the difference between them. Isn't they the same meaning -- prompts and reminders? and why does the author use the adjectives "minor" and simple in front of the two words? please help me!
Apr 17, 2016 1:34 AM
Answers · 2
My simple explanation: A prompt is a cue or trigger that indicates you should take some specific action, such as entering your user name and password. A reminder is an alarm or pop-up message that you set up to help you remember something, such as an appointment or someone's birthday. Generally, if you set yourself a reminder, it means you want to take some action prior to some deadline.
April 17, 2016
Prompt and reminders can be used similarly but are not exactly the same. A prompt causes someone else to complete an action. Traffic lights are an example of a prompt. A question on a test is a prompt. If you were taking a test and I held a poster with the answer on it that would be a reminder, it would not be a prompt. A prompt usually requires some action be completed. A reminder is different in that its purpose does not always require an action. The author uses the adjectives because its important to him that the reader understands that the reminders are minor or simple. Holding up a poster board with the entire answer except one word is not a simple reminder or a minor prompt. It is a big reminder and not what the author wants to convey.
April 17, 2016
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